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First Steam STX Turbo to Break 500 WHP?

Looking for max power in a stock location turbo?  Look no further.  Meet the Steam STX 76 XL turbocharger.  It is spec’ed off the GTX3076R compressor wheel capable of 500+ WHP.  The 3″ anti-surge compressor housing custom machined for this turbo.  It is compact, while increasing spool up time.  On the hot side, we have a 9-blade low-inertia TD06H turbine and new 10 cm² turbine housing.  With 30% reduced turbine mass, it can both spool up faster and increase flow.

Stay tuned to see what our buddies at FNP Tuning can do with it!

Production Steam STX 71 LGT Turbos Are In!

We have a production batch of STX 71 turbochargers for LGT fitment.

It is stock location fitment for:

Legacy GT 05-09
WRX 08-14

People call it LGT fitment because the 05 Legacy GT was the first to have that style of compressor housing.


This baby can easily make 400 whp on cars with the required supporting mods.  Check out the graph of the STX vs a stock VF39.

Check their own product page.

WRX 08-14 and Legacy GT Owners, The Wait Is Over

Introducing the Steam STX 71 with stock Lecgacy GT and WRX 08-14.  There aren’t as many options out there for the LGT guys, and none come to mind that make make STX 71 power.  Our customers have been asking us for a while, when will you make a STX 71 for in stock LGT fitment?

Well, here it is!

Steam STX 71 LGT

This turbo has the same 11-blade GTX3071R spec billet compressor wheel and TD06SL2 9-blade turbine as our STI model, but now with housings and lines for stock LGT fitment.

We are looking forward to the first LGT or WRX 08-14 guys to make 400-450 whp with a stock style turbo.


Visual Comparison of STX 71 and STX 20G-R

We make two different kinds of turbos here at SteamSpeed.  The first is a journal bearing based turbo (gold colored water lines in pictures) and the other is a genuine Garrett (Japan) ball bearing based turbo (silver colored water lines in pictures).

I thought I’d make a post with pictures of the two together so that those interested could easily compare their fitment.  Both turbos are factory location turbos and will install with little modification necessary.

The Steam STX 71 (gold water lines) is capable of up to about 450whp on E85 and we’ve seen the STX 20G-R (silver water lines) pull over 375whp on 91 octane.  Both are balanced on Schenck CHRA balancers, the best available, for extended durability.

P1050733 P1050732 P1050728 P1050727 P1050724 P1050718

Check Out the Mysterious Injectors We Bought Today

Here are the injectors the 2015 WRX uses.  The 2015 WRX has four  direct injection injectors unlike the BRZ that has both DI and PI.

It has JSDB-C1 written on one side.  On the other side, their appears to be a Bosch Hitachi logo.  Any one have more info in this injector they can share with everyone?  Please leave a comment below.  🙂

[update 1]

Per Bosch, it is not a Bosch injector.

[update 2]

Hitachi is supplying Subaru for the 2015 WRX direct injection system.