SteamSpeed’s 2016 Ford Focus RS Baseline Dyno Session

Before we get too crazy making parts for the Focus RS, we wanted to get a good baseline to measure the improvement.

SteamSpeed's Focus RS on the Dyno
SteamSpeed’s Focus RS on the Dyno

According to Ford, the 2016 Focus RS makes 350 HP.  If there is a 20% drivetrain loss from the crank to the wheels, that would be around 280 whp.  How did she do?

Red [stock]:  289.6 WHP, 309.48 ft*lbs, 24.4 PSI

Blue [Cobb Stage 1]: 311.12 WHP, 342.83 ft*lbs, ~25 PSI

2016 Focus RS Dyno Baseline
2016 Focus RS Dyno Baseline

Afterwards, we threw it up on the rack over at Nameless Performance to see what parts we could develop for it.  The over all consensus was that most of the OEM parts for the RS were really nice to begin with; never the less, there is always room for improvement.   Look for product updates from SteamSpeed and our partner Nameless Performance.