Introducing: The Steam STX N55 BMW Twin Turbocharger Upgrade

Steam STX N55 BMW Turbocharger Upgrade
Steam STX N55 BMW Turbocharger Upgrade

We’ve been manufacturing Subaru-only turbochargers for some time now.  That is mostly because we started doing this because we are Subaru enthusiasts.  That being said, our capabilities stretch to other brands.   Now we are offering a twin turbo upgrade kit for both prospective stage 1 or stage 2 applications.

This is a legitimate turbo upgrade; meaning, it is designed for the factory location.  We supply a new balanced CHRA, complete with new turbine wheel and billet compressor wheel in 62mm or 67mm, depending on what your goals are, and you install that CHRA in your existing turbine housing, attach the compressor housing and all other factory accessories, such as the blow off valve and the wastegate actuator.

Steam STX N55 Compressor Housing and CHRA
Steam STX N55 Compressor Housing and CHRA

With supporting mods, this kit is 600whp capable (stage 2).   Because we are using our 9-blade technology, the spool is still quick and peak flow is there for high rpm performance.

As one might expect, these are manufactured with the same strict attention to detail that we have exhibited in the past with all of our Subaru turbochargers.  They have superior internals and excellent balance characteristics; everything one needs for high octane, high RPM enjoyment.

Want more information? Give us a call at +1 (206) 607-9149 or visit our site.

6 thoughts on “Introducing: The Steam STX N55 BMW Twin Turbocharger Upgrade”

    1. The product page is here:

      This turbo is more in line with what other guys are calling a “stage 1” turbo. We do not build “stage 2” turbos at the moment because the OEM turbine housing doesn’t really support bigger turbines well. That is the reason why the competitors use a 76mm compressor wheel, but only see an additional 10% gain. Our 76mm compressor wheels make over 500 whp when matched with the correct turbine section.

      1. what do you mean correct turbine section? i have the N55 steam turbo for my 2011 135i. out if the box is it capable of 500 who? if not, what supporting mods are required?

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