Introducing the Steam STX 67 Plus for Subaru WRX/STI

We would like to introduce you to our newest turbo to our lineup, the Steam STX 67 Plus Turbocharger aka STX 67+.

Best on our gas bench testing of our Steam STX 71 compressor wheel, we were able to estimate that our STX 67+ compressor wheel will flow 0.38 Kg/s or over 51 lbs/min.  That is a huge increase power producing flow vs stock, while still maintaining the quick response of a stock turbo.STX 67 (estimated) vs GTX2067R Compressor Map

STX 67 (estimated) vs GTX2067R Compressor Map

Our gas bench testing on the turbine section illustrates how our turbos are able to both spool quickly, and flow very well even at high RPMs.  This is how we are able to achieve both a quick response and keep building power up top.  This was measured with the STX 67+’s turbine and our 8cm^2 single scroll WRX/STI turbine housing.

STX 71 vs GTX30 turbine map
STX 67+ vs GTX30 turbine map


Do you have a JDM STI style twin scroll turbo setup and exhaust?  We have you covered with our STX STX 67+ Twinscroll.  Still with our up 400 WHP STX 67 compressor wheel, but now with our larger high flowing low-inertia 9-blade turbine.


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