Blouch 20G-XTR vs Steam STX 20G-R

We have been asked many times by our customers, what is the difference between Blouch Turbo’s 20G-XT-R and our Steam STX 20-R.  We put together this little table to help you know that the differences are.  As far as we can tell, the biggest difference is that Blouch’s BB 20G costs almost $300 more than the Steam STX BB 20G.  What do you get for paying $300 more?  We can’t think of anything either.

More details on the Steam STX 20G-R.

  Blouch 20G-XTR Steam STX 20G-R
Compressor Wheel 20G 20G
Compressor Wheel Size 52.3mm/68mm 52.3mm/68mm
Compressor Wheel Material Billet aluminum Billet aluminum
Comp. Blade Design 6/6 Mitsubishi style 11 blade Garrett GTX style
Center Section Garrett BB (made in Mexico) Garrett BB (made in Japan)
Turbine Garrett GT30 (60 trim) Garrett GT30 (60 trim)
Estimated  Flow 47 lbs/min 49 lbs/min
Price $1,595.00 $1299.00

Steam STX 20G-R

Steam STX 20G-R

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