WRX 08-14 and Legacy GT Owners, The Wait Is Over

Introducing the Steam STX 71 with stock Lecgacy GT and WRX 08-14.  There aren’t as many options out there for the LGT guys, and none come to mind that make make STX 71 power.  Our customers have been asking us for a while, when will you make a STX 71 for in stock LGT fitment?

Well, here it is!

Steam STX 71 LGT

This turbo has the same 11-blade GTX3071R spec billet compressor wheel and TD06SL2 9-blade turbine as our STI model, but now with housings and lines for stock LGT fitment.

We are looking forward to the first LGT or WRX 08-14 guys to make 400-450 whp with a stock style turbo.


4 thoughts on “WRX 08-14 and Legacy GT Owners, The Wait Is Over”

  1. Nice turbo for the lgt/wrx flange guys…what would a turbo like this price me at? I remember emailing/calling you guys about legacy fitment turbo and now I see something I really like. Is this too much turbo for my daily driven car? My mods are

    Grimmspeed TMIC lgt fitment
    ID 1000s
    DW 65c
    Cobb AP v3 via STi Mikey tuned
    Grimmspeed EBCS
    Perrin ELH
    Perrin Inlet
    KS Tech 73mm intake
    Invidia Catless DP
    Invidia Q300
    Group N motor/ transmission mounts
    Southbend Stage 3 daily clutch
    11 WRX flywheel

    My goal is to keep stock block for a good year or 2 and build a closed deck block down the road…most likely will tune conservatively with your STX71 or a BNR 20g or Blouch 1.5xtr
    Will there be significant lag with STX71? Where will the powerband be? I only see Xlubens build but his is a 2.0L
    I am very excited to see data/results as I will be getting tuned by STi Mikey here in Chicago come April. All I need is a turbo =)
    Thanks for your time and looking to hear back with more information!

    Omar Soriano

    1. No, it wouldn’t be too much turbo for you daily driver. There is very little trade off vs say a VF39 in terms of lag, but a ton of upside on the power. Also, we use the low inertia 9-blade turbine. It is 30% lighter which helps your turbo spool faster and flow more up top.

      For your mod list, it looks like you are ready for a turbo upgrade, so there shouldn’t be more things to buy.

      With a stock block, I would recommend having your tuner only target maybe up to 400 whp with this turbo. If and when you go with a built motor, you can bump that up.

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