Visual Comparison of STX 71 and STX 20G-R

We make two different kinds of turbos here at SteamSpeed.  The first is a journal bearing based turbo (gold colored water lines in pictures) and the other is a genuine Garrett (Japan) ball bearing based turbo (silver colored water lines in pictures).

I thought I’d make a post with pictures of the two together so that those interested could easily compare their fitment.  Both turbos are factory location turbos and will install with little modification necessary.

The Steam STX 71 (gold water lines) is capable of up to about 450whp on E85 and we’ve seen the STX 20G-R (silver water lines) pull over 375whp on 91 octane.  Both are balanced on Schenck CHRA balancers, the best available, for extended durability.

P1050733 P1050732 P1050728 P1050727 P1050724 P1050718

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