Check Out the Mysterious Injectors We Bought Today

Here are the injectors the 2015 WRX uses.  The 2015 WRX has four  direct injection injectors unlike the BRZ that has both DI and PI.

It has JSDB-C1 written on one side.  On the other side, their appears to be a Bosch Hitachi logo.  Any one have more info in this injector they can share with everyone?  Please leave a comment below.  🙂

[update 1]

Per Bosch, it is not a Bosch injector.

[update 2]

Hitachi is supplying Subaru for the 2015 WRX direct injection system.


Kinugawa TD05H-16G for WRX/STI

Check out the Kinugawa TD05H-16G for WRX/STI.  This is the standard version with the cast compressor wheel.  It should be possible to see up to 300 whp with this guy.  It is a great upgrade for 2.0l WRX.  It isn’t really too much bigger than the old VF-39 STIs come with stock.

Do we sell Kinugawa turbos?  Yes, yes we do. 🙂

Also, check out the KAMAK brand turbos.

Massive SteamSpeed STX Turbo Sale

Massive Steam Turbocharger Sale!!!
We are running a special on all of our turbochargers. All Steam STX turbochargers are $150.00 off!!! The Steam STX 67 and STX 71 will come with free factory porting of the hotside. There’s more! The STX 67, STX 71, and STX 20G-R are eligible for your choice of a free item 2.4″ turbo inlet tube or stainless steel oil feed line (while supplies last).

Wait, there’s more! Every turbocharger order will receive free SteamSpeed TGV Thermal Barrier Gaskets – a $65.00 value. These are 3mm thick and do not require any liquid gasket during install. These will lower your intake manifold temperatures, therefore increasing power.

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Let’s summarize:

All Steam STX turbochargers are $150.00 off.
Free turbine housing porting for the STX 67 and STX 71
Free inlet tube or stainless steel oil feed line for all turbo orders – your choice (while supplies last)
Free TGV gaskets for all turbo orders (while supplies last)

Yes, this is all true! Do not miss this sale! These are in-stock items, not made to order, so inventory is limited!

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