7 thoughts on “2015 WRX Turbo”

  1. The WRX uses a Honeywell, I thought it was a Garrett MGT22. So I read, I’m not that familiar with different models or types of turbos anyway. But How soon do you think it’ll be before you’ll improve on it’s turbo and will it still be a twin scroll.

    1. We could change the compressor wheel or change the trim of the turbine, but the net gain wouldn’t be that much. Engineering higher flowing housings would be required to significantly increase the output of a stock location turbo.

  2. any progress? this is too interesting, im in Australia and hit a power wall with this turbo, would changing to an external waste gate set up work better for holding the peak boost of 22 or so psi? or porting the existing waste gate with modified actuator? hope you guys have something soon, ill definitely buy !

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